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Services Description Palm Oil Factory Electric Panel Manufacturing Services (PKS)

Electrical Panel Manufacturing Services

PT. Sumber Sarana Power Electric, is an electrical installation service company and supplier of electrical panels in Medan serving various types of electrical panel manufacturing services ranging from Synchronizing Panels, LVMDP Panels, Genset Control Panels, Bank Capacitors, Electric Distribution Panels, ATS Panels, AMF Panels, etc. to the needs of housing, industry, BUMN, factories and others. We, the distributor of electrical panels in Medan, also provide assembly and installation services for electrical panels that conform to PUIL standards throughout Indonesia. Looking for the lowest price for electric panel installations for your building? Please contact us, a provider of electrical panel installation services at competitive prices. For your electrical panel installation services, please contact us.

Palm Oil Mill Electric Panel Contractor

We are a Palm Oil Mill Electrical Panel Contractor company and also other factories. As a provider of electrical panel manufacturing services we are supported by experienced human resources (HR), facilities, and our dedication to deliver the best to our clients, we have become permanent partners of various organizations, both private and government companies (SOEs). To get satisfying results, we always involve our clients in every work process; as in material selection, determination of the type (brand) of goods used, and panel design to produce an effective whole system. For the needs of manufacturing, installation, or electrical panel assembly services that you need please contact us who provide affordable electric panel assembling prices.

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