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Services Description Electrical Panel Manufacturing Services

Electric Panel Manufacturing and Assembly Services

PT. Sumber Sarana Power Electric, a provider of electrical panel manufacturing services and their installation, both for industrial and commercial needs. The electric panel is an important electrical device for the needs of the distribution of electric current to various needs. With this tool it will facilitate the operation of electricity in regulating and controlling electricity usage. We serve various kinds of electrical panel manufacturing services ranging from Genset Panels, Bank Capacitors, LVMDP Panels, Electric Distribution Panels, AMF Panels, ATS Panels and others.

Electric Panel Manufacturing Services Medan

PT. Sumber Sarana Power Electric is a manufacturing service provider, assembly and installation of electrical panels in Medan for various industrial sectors, from shopping malls, housing complexes, public buildings, palm oil mills and other factories. If you need electrical panel manufacturing services, you can submit this work to us because we are professional in this matter. With our decades of experience, surely our clients have also known much about the results of our work in installing electrical panels. Therefore, we, PT. Sumber Sarana Power Electric is ready to do electrical panel work for your company.

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