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Cable Tray Installation Services Medan

PT. Sumber Sarana Power Electric is a Cable Tray Installation Service company in Medan that receives installation services for equipment used for electrical and electronic cable installation lines so that cable installation is safer, neater and orderly so that maintenance becomes easier. Cable tray installation services are needed as a place for cable installation lines in building projects. We provide cable tray / cable ladder installation services for both industrial and commercial needs.
Cable Tray Installation Services Medan is a cable installation service that serves as a place for cable lines to be neater and safety. There are many types and types of cable tray that can be chosen according to your tastes and needs. Cable tray types typically used in the field are type C (STC) and type U (STU). There are also other types of cable tray that is usually a special request of consumers.

Cable Tray Installation Services Medan

Supported by experienced human resources (HR), facilities, and our dedication to provide the best cable tray installation services to clients. Our Medan cable tray installation services reach various cities in Indonesia and from various consumers to be our partners ranging from organizations, both private and government companies (SOEs) to palm oil mills.
We are determined to continue to develop our services with the aim that clients get the best results as desired. Not only cable tray installation services, we also provide services in other electrical installation problems. Together with our team that has had quite a long experience and extraordinary knowledge and certainly with the quality of the team with excellent performance.
Looking for the cheapest cable tray installation price list? Contact us immediately who provide cable tray installation fees with competitive pricing options. For service needs for installation / installation of cable tray, please contact us.

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